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Furnace Repair

Tired of putting up with your finicky, unreliable old furnace? Stuck without heat and need furnace repairs? Need a professional to help you with oil furnace cleaning? No matter what your residential heating needs, Universal Appliance Service is the furnace service for the job. Our team of experts has over 25 years of experience in the furnace repair industry, and we put that expertise to work for you. Our in-depth knowledge of furnace cleaning, our top-quality maintenance skills, and our dedication to providing the very best customer service around makes Universal Appliance Service the name to know in Sherman Oaks. If you want your furnace services performed correctly the first time, we're ready to serve you. Let our professionals take care of you and all of your heating needs: Call or e-mail us today for more information!

Appliance Pro- Working on a FurnaceAt Universal Appliance Service, our team of professionals is available to service just about any type of furnace. We perform both oil and gas furnace repair and have access to the best industry tools and parts. Bringing you the convenience of a one-stop furnace service, we can help ensure your furnace needs—large and small—are met efficiently, effectively, and professionally!

Furnace Repair Services

Few things are as frustrating as a malfunctioning furnace on a winter day. But when you call Universal Appliance Service, we can provide you with the furnace repair services you need to get your home cozy and warm again fast. Offering full furnace troubleshooting and diagnostics, our furnace contractors can evaluate your home heating system to identify the source of the issue. We'll then carefully and completely repair both the symptom and root of the problem to get your oil or gas furnace repaired and back in top working condition. Whether the pilot light has gone out, the blower motor is fried, or the thermostat has gone haywire, our team can locate and repair the problem ASAP. You don't have to suffer in the cold for long—contact Universal Appliance Service now.

And don't forget, Universal Appliance Service also offers routine furnace cleaning and maintenance. A great way to help avoid breakdowns and maintain your furnace in optimal condition, our furnace services are your answer for ensuring that your furnace is up to keeping your home warm and comfortable this winter. Plus, with our same-day services available, you'll be able to get the furnace repair you need when you need it. Call now!

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